Cattle Feeding

Midcon Feeders is a cattle feeding company and proud partner to Midwest farmer-feeders. Our goal is to simplify workload and increase profitability conditions for farmer-feeders through our comprehensive turnkey program.

We pride ourselves on feeding the highest quality cattle and partnering with the best farmer-feeders in the Midwest.

  • Large network of buyers for Feeder Cattle Procurement.
  • Large pool of Fed Cattle to attract Packer Buyer interest.
  • Feed Procurement & Nutrition Advisory
  • Accounting & Financing

Midcon Feeders will simplify your day to day operation so that you have more time to do what you love to do… take care of cattle.

Midcon Marketing Inc.
Commodity Brokerage

Midcon Marketing is a full-service introducing broker clearing through ADM Investor Services. We specialize in cattle marketing, but can also assist you with marketing your crops or hogs.

Midcon Marketing will help you put together a marketing plan tailored around your goals, objectives, and your risk tolerance.

  • Futures & Options Trading
  • Spread Trading
  • Hedging & Speculation
  • Research & Analysis

Risk Management is essential in today’s fast paced markets. Let us help you protect and grow the equity in your Ag operation.

Midcon Margin Trax
Cattle & Hedge Margin Software

Track cattle profitability with the Midcon Margin Trax software, accessible from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Knowing your profit margin is the key to having the confidence you need to execute your marketing plan. We use past performance and current market conditions to predict future profitability.

  • Track your Cattle Margin, Hedge Margin & Net Margin on your individual lots of cattle.
  • Connects your hedge account directly to our software so you have an up to date cattle profit snapshot at all times.
  • Produce Initial Projections & Breakevens
  • Update Projections with actual feed bills with a cost to finish projection.
  • Closeout Analytics tool analyzes past performance to help predict future performance.

Today’s cattle market moves fast and it is important to have access to your current cattle margin at all times. Using Margin Trax will help you manage your profit margin.

Midcon Team

Leading with integrity and dedication, the Midcon team serves cllients through a rich heritage of cattle specialization in hedging, brokerage and advisory services.

Connect with our team and put our service, support, and knowledge to the test.

Connect and let us know how we can be of service to your operation.

Learn more about Midcon Cattle Advisory services and how we can help you improve the profitability to your feedlot/ranch.

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