PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Midcon’s Margin Trax – A Revolutionary Software To Track Fed Cattle Profitability

SIOUX CENTER, IA – JANUARY 4, 2022 – Midcon Cattle Advisory Services proudly introduces Margin Trax, the first-of-its-kind software that combines commodity pricing, hedge accounts and net margins allowing feedlot teams to track their operation’s profitability anytime and anywhere. Built by and for cattle feeders, the software is designed for practicality, simplicity and ease of use.

“We understand first-hand the struggles of today’s fast paced cattle market,” says Jay Dekkers, co-owner of Midcon. “That’s why we developed Margin Trax to help us stay ahead of the curve. We know that other cattle feeders will appreciate its benefits.”

By wielding multiple tools on one platform, Margin Trax allows users to stay on top of what matters most – profitability. Besides calculating current margin and breakeven snapshots, Margin Trax also calculates and updates future projections based on performance and commodity prices for a whole cost to finish analysis.

For accuracy, and to track trends, all calculations can be done by specific lots within one or multiple feeding operations. Best of all, Margin Trax is accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile device with internet access.

“Margin Trax is a great way to keep teams connected and make strategic decisions based on analytical information,” says Bryan Van Kley, co-owner of Midcon. “We believe that knowing profit margin is the key to having the necessary confidence to successfully execute a marketing plan.”

Midcon leads with integrity and dedication, serving clients through a rich heritage of cattle specialization in hedging, brokerage and advisory services. For more information on Margin Trax and to schedule a demo, please visit

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